Blue Eri Silk Yarn


Dyed Pure Silk Yarn, Blue 50 grams
Approx. 150 meters or 164 yards

The smoothest, softest, most luxurious Eri silk yarn!
This yarn is like no other, and it's absolutely perfect for your knitting needs.

It's popular with shawls, clothes and baby equipment (like hats, dresses and blankets)
because of its lovely feel and moisture absorbent quality.

Eri is known as a wild silk, as process doesn't involve the killing of the silk worm.
Moths leave the cocoon as soon as it is ready to be spun. Eri silk has a lovely shimmer to it.

100% silk, hand wash, recommended needle size 3mm-5mm

Blockwallah eri silk yarn comes directly from small village artisan communities. We offer employment for underprivileged men and women in rural India and ensure fair wages and good work conditions to all our employees.