Purple | Dupion Silk Fabric


Raw Silk Fabric/ Indian Dupion, Purple
Available in Fat Quarters, Half & One Yard bits. 

Width - Approximately 106cm / 42"

This is an exquisite pure silk fabric handwoven on a handloom in rural India. This is a medium weight fabric and can be used for Dresses, Blouses, Sewing, Crafting, Quilting etc.

Hand wash separately in cold water with a mild detergent. 

Multiples of half/one metre will be cut as one continuous piece.

Dupion Silk is made by using a fine thread in the warp and a rough uneven thread in the weft. The uneven thread is usually sourced from two or more entangled cocoons. This mix creates a tightly woven surface with a lustrous finish. 

Dupion Silk has a rustic appearance due to it's handwoven nature and is slightly thicker than other silk fabrics.

Blockwallah fabric comes directly from small village artisan communities. We offer employment for underprivileged men and women in rural India and ensure fair wages and good work conditions to all our employees.